Out in the snow

With the field size being finalised and hopefully we’re on the last leg of the buying process, Suz and I took the opportunity to pop out and measure up accurately so we could use decent measurements. With these we can then work out tree spacings and more importantly, the centre of the field where we’re going to plant a walnut tree (on a Rita rootstock so we get to see it in our lifetime), under which we can sit in our dotage, contemplating our navels, listening to the delightful sound of walnuts bouncing off our heads.

It was a cold day, strange to be out there again without our beloved Frankie, our cocker spaniel, who passed away just before Christmas. The ice forming on the lane was getting pretty treachourous and had already allowed one vehicle an impromptu entry into the adjacent field, but it made a great slide, even with 4-wheel-drive wellies on. And at the end of the cold day, back to the stove with casseroles bubbling away, filling the house with delightful food smells…slurp! We’re still pulling produce from the ground (now that we can dig into the permafrost!) – these are small parsnips, you should’ve seen the size of those we donated to my father-in-law, 2 of them weighed in at 2lb 6 3/4oz – 1.1kg in new money – not bad for a first attempt at growing them 🙂

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