Raspberry Jam & First Early Epicure Spuds

So it seems that all the soft fruit has decided to pick this week as the week to ripen. A glut of raspberries has meant jam making was to be again, no sooner than the jam pan had cooled down from the strawberry jam yesterday. Raspberries are my personal favourite – a depth of flavour that for me beat anything else hands down (except for, maybe, a really rip and juicy plum).

We’re also trying something different, in that this time Suz also used fruit sugar instead of normal sugar – again, adding pectin separately. This’ll give the jam a higher GI than normal, so better for controlling sugar rushes (useful for the diabetic).

On another side  of the patch, the 20ft row of Epicure first earlies was dug up. They’re a rather pale, slightly nobbly potato – but delicious! The crop wasn’t huge, and I’m not sure if that’s because they’re first earlies (first time we’ve grown them), or whether the lack of rain has really affected them, which I suspect to be the reason.

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