Greenhouse Update, Spuds & Onion Harvest

Just a quick one to show what’s happening in the greenhouse – everything’s growing, which is the idea I guess. One small issue with the cucumbers, some of them are turning brown when still small, and some googling reckons it might be to do with lack of pollination. Apparently bees are needed to move the pollen from the shorter male flowers to the female flowers that have a small cucumber behind them, as the pollen is quite heavy. But, bees really do struggle to fly through greenhouse glass, so you need to pull a male flower off and rub it against the female flowers. It’s seemed to do the trick, but time will tell.

In the barrow are the second early Potatoes – tried and trusted Kestrels – one of my personal faves. The onions are those we over-wintered, but heaven knows what variety they are! Whatever they are, it’s great to have some onions to tide us over, as we’ve only just finished those that were stored over winter.

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