Fruit Crumble and Onion Thinnings

Suz’s parents, Colin and Jackie, came up for the day and, as usual, helped out massively. Colin topped the broad beans, getting rid of a few black fly in the process, much to the chagrin of the resident ladybirds. He also started to pull the old raspberry canes out, ready for next year, apart from the autumn raspberries of course, which haven’t fruited yet.

Down the patch it was a variety of jobs that were done – the last of the strawberries were grabbed, with the nets left off so the resident blackbird family can feast on the leftovers. The gooseberries were also picked – Hannimake Red and Yellow varieties, and the currants (red and white) were also picked. The bushes are of course bigger than last year, but still no enough were picked to do anything useful with on their own. But Suz had a notion that a summer fruit crumble might be in order. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was gorgeous – rhubarb, currants, strawberries and raspberries, so there was tart and sweet all in one. With a dollop of creme fraiche, simply devine.

One last job down the patch was to thin the Italian variety onions we sowed from seed. This barrow is just the thinnings which, after Colin has topped and tailed them with the help? of Smiler, will be used in an onion soup. The success of these seeds make me wonder if next year we should just grow onions from seed, as it’s non too difficult.

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