15 globe artichokes
approx. 1 litre of olive oil, depending on your pan and artichoke sizes)
one large lemon
mixed Italian herbs to taste
sea salt to taste

Enough for one 1 litre Mason jar.


Remove the artichoke stems (wear gloves whilst handling the artichokes, unless you want brown fingers!)
Half or quarter the artichokes, depending on their size.
Remove all hard outer leaves and green from the base of the heart, leaving only the delicate inner heart.
Remove the fibrous hairs from inside, if any, using the handle end of a teaspsoon.
As each piece is prepared, rinse and add to a saucepan of water to which you have added one third of the lemon as juice.
Once all are prepared, drain and place in a single layer into a deep frying pan or saucepan.
Cover with the olive oil, slice the remaining lemon and add, add the herbs and sea salt to taste.
Add the lid to the pan and cook for around 30 minutes on the lowest heat setting – test by how firm the hearts are.
Once the right firmness, leave to cool naturally before bottling. Once cool enough, place in the fridge and eat. They should be good unopened for up to a month in the fridge.