Okay – so the two punnets of strawberries we’d acquired to date became 6 punnets today. Faced with a glut of strawberries, and only so many strawberries a person can chow down, the decision to make ready the jam pan was made. The recipe used was as follows:

Strawberries with pectin enhanced sugar.
(Makes 3-4 jars, 455g – 1 lb) – (Type of Set: medium)

  1. Fresh strawberries: 800g / 1¾ lb
  2. Jam sugar: 1kg / 2 lb
  3. Water: none
  4. Knob of butter

Clean jars in a bowl of hot water to which has been added a small drop of washing up liquid, rinse under a running tap. Leave to stand on some clean kitchen paper towel, tops down.
Set oven to its lowest setting, place jars, right way up onto oven tray and place on middle shelf.
Hull and wash strawberries, place in pan, using potato masher or liquidiser crush fruit into a pulp. Heat slowly, and pour in sugar, stirring continuously until dissolved. Add knob of butter still stirring, increase heat and bring to a rolling boil. Now start timing, do not boil longer that the time recommended, usually four minutes. Skim off scum with slotted spoon.
Allow to cool for 15 – 20 minutes to prevent fruit rising. Pot, cover and label.