First Walnut!

2015 First Broadview WalnutCrikey! It’s been almost four years since we planted our Broadview Walnut, in December 2011, and today it gave us our first walnut!! I’ve been watching it all summer, and couldn’t see anything – nor did I expect to. But today, whilst we were cleaning the animals, Penny sat under the walnut tree, chewing something around her mouth. As ever, when we’re not sure what she’s tucking in to, Suz told her to spit it out, and promptly doing so, there lay our first walnut at our feet! A closer inspection of the tree showed a burst nut pod, which must have only recently dropped the nut, as we’d mowed under the tree the weekend before!

Fantastic! So this proves you don’t have to wait 20-odd years to see a walnut 😀